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How do I make my Activation Commision

To make your commission on all the Starter Packs you sell, the Sim needs to be activated.

Simply selling a Sim card does not mean it will become active. Airtime needs to be loaded to the customers Sim and then used by the customer to ensure Activation.

The below amounts for each Network must be loaded to the customers new Sim Card, after the customer uses this airtime, then the SIM will become Activated and your commision will then be paid into your TSPC Account the following month.

More than R 20.00 usage within 6 months of connection

(sim must have received two voucher loads or one load of R 25 or more)

More than R 22.80 usage within 120 days of connection

More than R 30.00 usage within 120 days of connection

More than R 20.00 usage within 6 months of connection

look out for the pack with this sticker!

When selling a Sim Card, sell your customer Airtime at the same time, enough Airtime to ensure that your Starter Pack becomes activated

Remember you also make 5% profit on airtime, this will allow you to sell airtime at a discount rate to the customer!

Make sure you always have money in your phone to sell airtime and make sure you always load the airtime onto the customers phone before they leave. The best way to do this, is to Always select option ‘1. Own Amount’ when selling airtime, this option allows you to sell any amount of Airtime between R5 – R 999, best of all the clients’ phone gets automatically topped-up (no pin)

IMPORTANT. Always keep enough money in your phone so you can sell more airtime in the future. You can also deposit more funds into phone if you need to.

Blue Label One

ABSA bank account# 4077 812 446

Branch# 63200500

NB: use the letter G followed by your cell number your cell phone number as a reference

Example: G27839512 365

Please allow for 48hours to receive your money on your phone.

How do I get my money off my phone and in my pocket?

To get your Money for Starter Packs Activations out of your TSPC Account and into your pocket, all you have to do is sell Airtime and/or Electricity (where available) from your phone.


Customer asks for a R 25.00 airtime voucher and a Starter Pack

RICA a Starter Pack for the customer

Then on your phone select Sell Airtime, and then choose the Network you require

Then Select 1.own amount and put in the amount of R 25.00

Then put the customers new cell phone number in and submit the transaction.

The customer’s account will automatically be top-up with R 25.00 airtime and will receive an SMS of the amount.

Your phones balance is reduced by R 23.75 because you made 5% commission, your profit is R 1.15 on the airtime

Customer pays you R 25.00 cash for the airtime they bought, Money is now out of your phone and in your pocket!